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Welcome to Bakemono Imports (Bakemono = monster/beast)

At Bakemono Imports, we strive to bring you high quality JDM aftermarket and Japanese OEM parts at reasonable prices. Having worked in the automotive and aftermarket parts industry in Japan, we have developed relationships with salvage yards, tuner shops, race teams, and car clubs in Japan.

We offer only parts of high manufacturing quality. We look for the kind of parts we would want on our own cars. If we wouldn't put the stuff on our own cars, how can we expect YOU to?

We offer a variety of 93-01 impreza parts as well as other Subaru, Honda, and Nissan JDM and OEM parts. Our network of parts is fairly wide, so if you don't see what you're looking for, go to our requests page and tell us what you'd like us to get for you. Click on the menu above to navigate the site.